Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nirma Detergent Powder

Till 1969, the Nirma Detergent Powder (Nirma Washing Powder) belonged to only premium class customers. Nirma sensed an opportunity and launched the detergent powder (washing powder)at 1/3 rd price in comparison to its competitors. Within no time Nirma Detergent Powder (Nirma Washing Powder) became a household name and for those people for whom the detergent powder was a distant dream, wasted no time in purchasing the trial pack.

The Nirma Detergent Powder(Nirma Washing Powder) was phosphate free and was also environment friendly, people started liking the product to a great extent and soon Nirma became household name. Today in terms of market penetration Nirma is ranked number one in India in the detergent powder category. Nirma broke the myth that better quality product always demands premium price.

Nirma pack is available in-25gm, 400gm, 500g, and 1000gm packs. The blue colored Nirma Detergent Powder (Nirma Washing Powder) which is spray-dried was launched for the premium segment in the year 1996 and soon it became a hit. Nirma converted the non-user of detergent powder into user and provided the customers with better value for money.

The Nirma detergent cake was launched in the year 1987. Again the pricing strategy was superb-the customers were tempted to try the cake. The USP of Nirma is its ability to provide the product at low price without compromising with the quality. It was available in 125 gm and 250 gm pack and soon it became most sought after detergent cake in India. This cake does not melt quickly in water and therefore lasts long.

Super Nirma Detergent Cake was the fastest growing detergent cake of the year 1997-98; it was launched in the year 1992. It is available in 250gm and 125 gm pack. It has been giving a tough time to its competitors.

The positioning of Nirma Popular Detergent Cake is similar to that of Nirma Popular Detergent Powder. This product is available in 125g and 250g pack sizes, targeted to first-time detergent cake user segment.

Indeed it's a fact that Nirma has given tough fight to global giants like HUL and P&G. It has revolutionised the detergent powder industry in India.

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